DaiSuga gif invasion. It’s my 2nd attempt in gif-making and I wanted to check what are the limitations. But it still was pure pleasure to paint those two cutie pies.

Managing to draw their limbs in a manner that COULD actually take place in real life was surprisingly hard! What do people do with their arms and legs when they sleep together?! 【・ヘ・?】

Idea based on this by kou-mo-chu:

Imagine Daisuga movie night. They fall asleep on each other after watching a movie on the lounge, a tangle of limbs as they slumber.

DISGUSTING i bet they watch some classic chick flick like sleepless in seattle or you’ve got mail and just unconsciously snuggle together in a pile of fleece blankets and suga’s massive family dog draped over both their laps like omggg

sometime in the night daichi’s face gets buried against suga’s stomach where his shirt’s ridden up and he’s just nuzzled into his warmth, arms wrapped snug around suga’s waist while they sleep yuck omg;;; and suga is moRTIFIED WHEN HE WAKES UP AT LIKE 3AM BC DAICHI’S BEEN PRESSING ON HIS BLADDER WITH HIS STUPID FACE THIS WHOLE TIME and his face is flaming as he tries to wriggle out of daichi’s grasp to go to the bathroom bc this is pre-relationship and they’re still dumb best friends pffff but dai is so clingy in his sleep omg and just won’t let go

he ends up substituting himself with a pillow and sneaking off - when he gets back daichi is still asleep, spread out on his back along the length of the couch and the thing is, the thing is suga could take a blanket and sleep on the floor or even go back into his room to sleep. but the tv screen is glowing soft with the radio scene from sleepless (it’s on repeat with the volume low enough to be background noise) and it’s quiet and dark, and daichi looks so settled even with a blanket twisted around his legs, one arm flung out in a perfect space for suga to fit into, where he’d be warm against daichi’s side with his head pillowed against his shoulder.

so he crawls back onto the couch, wriggles a blanket properly over the two of them and does exactly that and they wake up grossly snuggled together with suga’s arms around daichi’s neck and daichi’s large hands draped loosely over suga’s lower back p LS IT’S SO YUCKKKKK

the dog is still there she’s just sleeping on the floor next to the couch like whuffing the entire bc they’re such hopeless dorks ew and sleepless in seattle is still playing on the tv

Hope you like how cute they look together ✖‿✖